Treat Your Sinus Headache Naturally: 5 Drug-Free Ways To Find Relief

Posted on: 10 March 2017


Sinus headaches due to colds and allergies often produce pressure in the sinus cavities from excess mucus. The pressure and blockage can lead to facial pain known as a sinus headache. If you suffer from occasional or frequent sinus headaches, you may find yourself reaching for over-the-counter or prescription decongestants and pain relievers to find relief. While these medications may be helpful, they may cause side effects in sensitive individuals, and this could make the situation worse. Before you medicate yourself with drugs, it may be a good idea to try natural remedies to treat your sinus headache.

Here are some methods you might want to try the next time you experience the pressure and pain of a sinus headache:

1. Use Irrigation For Sinus Headache Pain

Flushing out the sinuses is the most natural and effective way to rid yourself of the sinus-clogging mucus that is causing your pressure, congestion and pain. Using a s saline wash with the use of a neti pot will moisten your sinuses, thin out the mucus and help relieve pressure. It's imperative to use only distilled and sterilized bottled water or boil tap water to kill germs. Let the boiled water cool before use. Most net pots come with full instructions for use, as well as a saline solution to get you started. If you prefer, you may alternatively us a saline spray which contains only purified water and salt.

2. Try Steam Treatment

Inhaling steam will keep sinuses moist and loosen congestion. Humidifiers and vaporizers or a good idea to use, although you must disinfect them regularly. Alternatively, you can inhale steam from a pot of boiled water, with a towel draped over your head to keep the steam in. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil if you prefer. The oil is a natural decongestant and may help inflammation as well. Steamy hot showers may also help relieve your sinus pressure and headache.

3. Place a Warm Compress Over Your Sinus Area

Take a washcloth and submerge it in hot water. Wring out the excess water, then place the warm compress over your face. The warm moisture will help to loosen the mucus, thus relieving the pressure and pain. As an alternative, you might purchase a sinus mask at the pharmacy. It is made to be placed in the microwave before usage.

4. Reach for Some Spices

Consuming spicy foods such as chili peppers and curry may help to open up those clogged sinus passages and relieve the pressure and pain. Add some spicy herbs and flavorings to soups, stews and other dishes and see if it helps.

5. Use Vapor Rub Ointment at Bedtime

If you find yourself suffering from a sinus headache at night or when you awaken, rub some mentholated vapor rub on your throat, neck and chest before you go to bed. It will help you breathe easier and may relieve some of the pressure that is the cause of your sinus headache.

If you experience fever in addition to sinus pain and pressure, you may have an infection which may require the use of antibiotics. See your doctor for an evaluation and treatment.